Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Spring Fling"

My favorite time of the year is approaching..... Spring!!!
I love the spring! What's that motto? Shorts get shorter, clothes get brighter and hair gets lighter? I am a true advocate of that motto!  
Then the fashion gods spoke onto the runways this year and gave us the permission to indulge into pastel before Easter!!! Lol
I am beyond elated with the new fashion trend of Pastel.

Pastel Springs

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Hadewa February Favorites"

It is March!!!! It wasted no time getting here!!!

Time gets more and more valuable every moment I look up. 
How has everyone been? I hope you’re still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions or new implemented lifestyles. 

Onto the goodies, just like February my list is short but sweet.
The first item at hand is makeup!
M.A.C lip Pencil: Night Moth -$15.00 

If you follow me on Instagram (Ms_isha) then clearly you know that I’m a lover of dark lipstick shades.  Night Moth is the epitome of perfection!  Now granted it is a lip pencil, I use it as a lipstick. Get a good lip primer, outline your lips first then start to fill it in …and wah-la you have a matte dark shade.
Here is a sample of when I used my Night Moth lip pencil.