Monday, November 18, 2013

"Fight Or Flight"

There are some situations that make you take life waaaaaaaay too serious! And if you truly know me I'm a goof ball so overly serious subjects makes my skin crawl. 
I hate yelling, drama & confusion.
I hate complicated situations, cause I like things my way. Lol 
Life would be so much easier that way for everyone! Lol

I'm the type of person that believes I should be running through sunflowers fields on a good day. 
So whenever I get upset, sad or trauma. My whole psyche is upside down. I shut down completely. 

Recently I've went through a mishap or that's what I'll call it for the sake of my business. Lol 
wanted to scream, cry and kick the world. I got advice from everybody, my mom, my best friends & even my brothers. And I didn't like any of the answers. Lol 

So I did it my way ... pray, suck it up and get back to Aisha that everyone's knows. 
Dress up and live a little. 

I'm Living!! 

"What to Wear to a Wedding?"

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, then you obliviously know that I deemed myself the  "Professional Wedding Attender" in 2013.
While I have no problem going to weddings, it's putting something together to wear that is always the hard part. One thing for sure is I'm not breaking any rules. 

Rules and Regulations when attending a wedding. 
1. Do not wear white. 
2. Do not wear black. 
3. No club attire. 
4. Anything backless that reveals your bra. (That's just in life generally. Lol) 
5. Animal print. 
6. Jeans. 

It's the couples day. You don't want to take any attention away from them. 
 Any hoot, here are a couple of things I wore to the various weddings. 

This outfit was my first fall wedding. So I totally fell in love with this burnt orange "Antonio Melani" dress. I paired it with red heels and the classic Mac "Ruby Woo" lipstick. 

Dress: Macy's 
Shoes: Asos 

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Unknown Street"

For many years I wandered on familiar streets, different  paths but same destination. 
One day I came across an unknown street, it was a new development so my interest was at peak.
 I limply left my familiar streets in the hopes of finding something refreshingly exciting ,so I made a left turn on unknown street. 
As I walked with my armored walls surrounding me, this place felt different it was fun & promising. I continued to limp from street to street every building was staged beautifully, gleaming lights, sparkled confetti ,oh the excitement I was experiencing ,my pace quickened with joy. 
Doubtfully some places looked familiar but surely I was somewhere else. I continued on my journey, I lost a wall but feeling confident I wasn't bothered, this was an unknown street. 
I began seeing cautions signs but no danger was presented... I lost another walled armor still unbothered on this unknown street, bliss had never felt like this before so I kept on walking.... Then there it was ...a dead end heart dropped, tears streamed down my face, this wasn't an unknown street it was merger with my familiar streets  just a different path to take me to the same destination. 
Do I turn around to travel in another direction on the hopes of never ending bliss only this time I'd make a right turn instead of a left ? Or do I go back to my familiar streets.... Defeat.